Arizona Baby Names, Page 3

Baby NameMeaningGender
RoperMaker Of RopeMale
StevieAbbreviation Of Steven And Stephen Often Used As An Independent Name. Stevie Is Also Used For Girls.Male
SummerBorn During The SummerFemale
TaylorA TailorMale
TheodoreGracious GiftMale
ToroBull-Like. The Constellation Taurus.Male
ValentineStrong. Variant Of Valentinus: The Name Of More Than 50 Saints And Three Roman Emperors.Male
WillowSlender:Graceful. From The Willow Tree Noted For Slender Graceful Branches And Leaves.Female
WinslowFrom Wine's HillMale
XavierBright: Splendid. See Also Javier.Male

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