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Attractive Baby NamesName is very important to a baby, just like his or her appearance and looking. An attractive name will improve the temperament of your baby and make him or her more attractive. There are always some of the names that are naturally attractive, for instance Noah, June and Vincent. We have prepared a collection of attractive baby names like this, if you are looking for an attractive baby name then check out the below list and pick your favorite name.

Baby NameMeaningGender
AaronHigh MountainMale
AbrahamFather Of A Multitude.Variants Include Avraham, Aram, Abarron, And AvidorMale
AdamOf The Red EarthMale
AdelinaOf The Nobility. Noble. Variant Of Adela.Female
AlaricNoble LeaderMale
AlastairDefender Of ManMale
AlecDefender Of Mankind. Variant Of AlexanderMale
AlessandroItalian Form Of Alexander (Defender Of Man)Male
AlexAbbreviation Of Alexander. Defender Of Man.Male
Alexa"Defender Of Man."Female
AlexanderDefender Of ManMale
AlexandraDefender Of Mankind. Feminine Of Alexander.Female
AlistairVariant Of Alexander - Defender Of Mankind.Male
AltonFrom The Old ManorMale
AmaliaSpanish Form Of Amelia IndustriousFemale
AmandaWorthy Of Being Loved. Literary: Poets And Playwrights Brought This Name Into Popular Usage In The Seventeenth Century.Female
AmeliaDefender ANSELMAFemale
AndreManly: Brave. Variant Of English Andrew.Male
AndreasGerman Form Of Andrew (Manly)Male
AndresManly: Brave. Variant Of English Andrew.Male
AndrewManly: Brave. In The Bible The First Of The Twelve Apostles Chosen. Andrew Is Patron Saint Of Scotland And Russia. See Also Jedrick And Kendrick.Male

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