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AbiagealIrish Form Of Abigail (Brings Joy) ADARA, ATHDARAFemaleIrish
AbrachamIrish Form Of AbrahamMaleIrish
AghnaIrish Form Of AgnesFemaleIrish
AibhlinIrish/Gaelic Form Of Evelyn (Hazelnut?) Or Helen (Light).FemaleGaelic
AidanIrish/Gaelic Name Meaning "Fire" Or "Little Fire." Variants Include Adan, Adeen, Aden, Aideen, Aiden.FemaleGaelic
AislinnIrish/Gaelic Name Meaning "Vision; Dream."Variants Include Aislin, Aisling, Ashling, Isleen.FemaleGaelic
AmhlaoibhIrish Form Of OlafMaleIrish
AnnablaIrish Form Of Annabel LovableFemaleIrish
AoifeIrish Form Of Eve Gives LifeFemaleIrish
AuleyIrish Form Of OlafMaleIrish

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