Jim: Meaning of baby name Jim

Pronunciation: [Jim]

Gender of Jim: Male

Meaning of Jim: Variant Of Jacob Supplanter.

Origin of Jim: English

Sir Harry Secombe.

Variant Forms:

JimmyVariant Of Jacob Supplanter.MaleEnglish

Famous People Named Jim:

Jimmy Kimmel is an American television actor, talk-show host and voice actor best known for his Emmy Award winning talk show, ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live!

Jimmy Johnson is a former American Football Coach who works as a sports broadcaster for ‘Fox Sports’. If you would like

Jimmy Fallon is a famous American television host, actor and comedian.

Jimmy Durante was an American singer, actor, comedian and pianist.

Jimmy Connors is a former World No.

Jimmy Carter was the 39th President of America and won Nobel Piece Prize in 2002.

Jimi Hendrix was an American guitarist, song-writer and singer.

Jim Thorpe was one of the greatest athletes of the 20th century.

Jim Rogers is an American business magnate who chairs Rogers Holdings and Beeland Interests, Inc.

Jim Morrison was a legendary American rock singer.

Jim Jarmusch is an independent American film producer, director, screenwriter and actor.

Jim Elliot was an evangelical Christian Missionary.

Jim Davis was an American Television and film actor who is known for his numerous roles in popular TV shows.

Jim Cramer is a hedge fund manager turned television personality who co-founded TheStreet.

Hideo Kojima was the famous video game designer and producer, Hideo Kojima, who is best known for his Metal Gear series franchisee of video games.

Alberto Fujimori is a former Peruvian President.

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