Anderson: Meaning of baby name Anderson

Pronunciation: [An-der-son]

Gender of Anderson: Male

Meaning of Anderson: Son Of Ander

Origin of Anderson: Greek

Famous People Named Anderson:

Tessa Sanderson was a famous sports personality, Tessa Sanderson, the first black women to win an Olympic gold and has founded a charitable sports training center.

Sophie Gengembre Anderson was an artist who painted pictorial images of Victorian children.

Sherwood Anderson was a notable writer who contributed extensively in the 1920s and 30s.

Pamela Anderson is a Canadian model, actress, producer and activist best known for role in the television series, ‘Baywatch’.

Laurie Anderson is an American performance artist, known for her unique spoken-word albums and distinctive performance art pieces.

Carl David Anderson was an American physicist known for the discovery of positron.

Anderson Cooper is a journalist and television personality who anchors the news show ‘Anderson Cooper 360°’.

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