Christian: Meaning of baby name Christian

Pronunciation: [Ch-ris-ti-an]

Gender of Christian: Female

Meaning of Christian: Variant Of Christiana. Follower Of Christ.

Origin of Christian: English

Follower of Christ.

Variant Forms:

ChrisAbbreviation Of Christopher And Christian.MaleEnglish
ChristyAbbreviation Of Christine. Follower Of Christ.FemaleScottish
KitNickname For Christopher. Frontiersman Kit Carson.MaleEnglish

Famous People Named Christian:

Hans Christian Andersen was best known for his fairy tales, ‘The Snow Queen and ‘The Little Mermaid’ etc.

Felix Christian Klein was a German Mathematician known for his important works in non-Euclidean geometry.

Christian Doppler is the term coined for the work of the renowned Austrian mathematician & physicist, Christian Doppler.

Christian Bale is an iconic actor of his generation, particularly famous for the ‘Batman’ franchise.

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