Celebrity Baby Names on February 19

Naming your newborn babies after one of the celebrities of the same birthday is an interesting thing. Here we listed most of the famous people who were born on February 19. You could choose your favorite celebrity name from the below list, the name could be given name, middle last, surname or even nickname. If you would like to celebrate another important day, for example another important day of your family, you could change the date at the bottom of this page.

Mace Coronel, TV Actor, Born in 2004

Ivey Meeks, Web Video Star, Born in 2002

David Mazouz, TV Actor, Born in 2000

Ben J. Pierce, Web Video Star, Born in 1999

Quinn Lord, Movie Actor, Born in 1999

Edwin Burgos, Web Video Star, Born in 1998

Joe Maw, TV Actor, Born in 1997

Claudia Sulewski, Web Video Star, Born in 1996

Sophie Beaton, Model, Born in 1996

Allen Alvarado, TV Actor, Born in 1996

Twan Kuyper, Web Video Star, Born in 1995

Victoria Justice, TV Actress, Born in 1993

Hayden Tree, Bassist, Born in 1993

Hannah Witton, Web Video Star, Born in 1992

Kaili Thorne, Family Member, Born in 1992

Sam Bettley, Bassist, Born in 1991

Destery Moore, Web Video Star, Born in 1991

Luke Pasqualino, TV Actor, Born in 1990

LeJuan James, Web Video Star, Born in 1990

Caleb Grimm, Rock Singer, Born in 1988

Jeffrey Cyrus, Web Video Star, Born in 1987

Marta, Soccer Player, Born in 1986

Arielle Kebbel, Movie Actress, Born in 1985

Haylie Duff, Movie Actress, Born in 1985

Drea Dominique, Reality Star, Born in 1985

Sanya Richards, Runner, Born in 1985

Mika Nakashima, Pop Singer, Born in 1983

Mascarita Dorada, Wrestler, Born in 1982

David Gandy, Model, Born in 1980

Mike Miller, Basketball Player, Born in 1980

Immortal Technique, Rapper, Born in 1978

Daniel Adair, Drummer, Born in 1975

Seth Morrison, Guitarist, Born in 1973

Eric Lange, TV Actor, Born in 1973

Jeff Kinney, Children's Author, Born in 1971

Bellamy Young, TV Actress, Born in 1970

Cynthia Bailey, Reality Star, Born in 1968

Benicio Del Toro, Movie Actor, Born in 1967

Justine Bateman, TV Actress, Born in 1966

Seal, Rock Singer, Born in 1963

Prince Andrew, Duke of York, Royalty, Born in 1960

Falco, Pop Singer, Born in 1957

Ray Winstone, Movie Actor, Born in 1957

Jeff Daniels, Movie Actor, Born in 1955

Tony Iommi, Guitarist, Born in 1948

Smokey Robinson, Rock Singer, Born in 1940

Lee Marvin, Movie Actor, Born in 1924

Nicolaus Copernicus, Scientist, Born in 1473

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