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Baby Names and Meanings It is not easy to find the perfect baby name for your new child, will help you to do that because we features over 19,000 baby names. It is a perfect place to pick up a baby name for boys and girls. You can check out the whole list with the meaning, origin and gender of the name, you can also select the first letter of the baby name you are looking for.

Baby NameMeaningGender
JaenetteFeminine Variant Of JayFemale
JafariSwahili Name Meaning "Creek."Male
JaganmataMyth Name (Mother Of The World)Female
JagurHeap Of Stones; MarkerMale
JahaSwahili Name Meaning "Dignity."Female
JahiSwahili Name Meaning "Dignity."Male
JahnisceLove And Security.Female
JaiVariant Of Names Like Jason And Jacob.Male
JaiceeBased On The Initials J.C. Or An Abbreviation Of Jacinda.Female
JaidaThe Gemstone Jade: The Color Green.Female
JaidenVariant Of Jayden (God Has Heard)Female
Jaidon"Heard By God. Alternate Spelling: Jayden, Jaden."Male
JaidynVariant Of Jayden (God Has Heard)Female
JaimePet Form Of James Used As A Woman's Name.Female
JaimeePet Form Of James Used As A Woman's Name.Female
JaimelynnPet Form Of James Used As A Woman's Name.Female
JaimiPet Form Of James Used As A Woman's Name.Female
JaimiePet Form Of James Used As A Woman's Name.Female
JainaJehovah Has Been Gracious: Has Shown Favor. Variant Of Joan.Female
JaineGift From GodFemale
JainebaPopular Wolof Of Senegal Name. Meaning Unknown.Female
JaioneReference To The NativityFemale
JairaFeminine Of Jairus.Female
JairoVariant Of The Hebrew Jairus Jehovah Enlightens.Male
JairusJehovah Enlightens.Male
JaisaGod Makes.Female
JaisenVariant Of Jason.Male
JaivynLight Spirit. Alternate Spelling: Jayvyn.Male

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