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Baby Names and Meanings It is not easy to find the perfect baby name for your new child, will help you to do that because we features over 19,000 baby names. It is a perfect place to pick up a baby name for boys and girls. You can check out the whole list with the meaning, origin and gender of the name, you can also select the first letter of the baby name you are looking for.

Baby NameMeaningGender
Abdul-Ghaffar, Abdul-GhafServant Of The ForgiverMale
Abdul-HadiServant Of The GuideMale
Abdul-HafizServant Of The ProtectorMale
Abdul-HakamServant Of The ArbitratorMale
Abdul-HakimServant Of The Wise OneMale
Abdul-HalimServant Of The Mild And Patient OneMale
Abdul-HamidServant Of The Praised OneMale
Abdul-HaqqServant Of The TruthMale
Abdul-HasibServant Of The Respected And Esteemed OneMale
Abdul-JabbarServant Of The MightyMale
Abdul-JalilServant Of The Great And Revered OneMale
Abdul-KarimServant Of The Noble And Generous OneMale
Abdul-KhaliqServant Of The CreatorMale
Abdul-LatifServant Of The Kind OneMale
Abdul-MajidServant Of The Glorious OneMale
Abdul-MalikServant Of The Master Or KingMale
Abdul-MuizzServant Of The Giver Of Might And GloryMale
Abdul-MuhaiminServant Of The Supervisor/Guardian/ProtectorMale
Abdul-MujibServant Of The ResponderMale
Abdul-MutaalServant Of The Most HighMale
Abdul-NasirServant Of The Helper/ProtectorMale
Abdul-NasserServant Of The Victorious OneMale
Abdul-QahharServant Of The Subduer/AlmightyMale
Abdul-QuddusServantof The Most HolyMale
Abdul-RaufServant Of The Most Merciful OneMale
Abdul-RafiServant Of The One Who Raises And Elevates The Intellect/EsteemMale
Abdul-RahimServant Of The Most Compassionate OneMale
Abdul-RahmanServant Of The Merciful OneMale
Abdul-RazzaqServant Of The Maintainer/ProviderMale
Abdul-SaburServant Of The Patient OneMale
Abdul-SalamServant Of The PeaceMale
Abdul-SamadServant Of The EternalMale
Abdul-ShakurServant Of The Most ThankfulMale
Abdul-TawwabServant Of The ForgiverMale
Abdul-WadudServant Of The LovingMale
Abdul-WahhabServant Of The GiverMale
Abdul-WahidServant Of The OneMale
AbdullaServant Of God.Male
AbdullahServant Of GodMale
Abdullah, AbdulServant Of GodMale

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