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Baby Names and Meanings It is not easy to find the perfect baby name for your new child, will help you to do that because we features over 19,000 baby names. It is a perfect place to pick up a baby name for boys and girls. You can check out the whole list with the meaning, origin and gender of the name, you can also select the first letter of the baby name you are looking for.

Baby NameMeaningGender
LeiannaDerived From An Irish Gaelic Of Helen: (Light:Beautiful Woman): Variant Of Liana: (Youthful:Bond).Female
LeicesterFrom LeicesterMale
LeighMeadow. Surname Or Given Name.Female
Leigh AnnBeautiful WomanFemale
Leigh-AnnIn The Meadow Praying.Female
LeightonFrom The Meadow FarmMale
LeilSwahili And Muslim Name Meaning "Born At Night."Female
LeilaBorn At Night.Female
LeilahBorn At Night.Female
LeilanaHeavenly Child.Female
Leilani"Heavenly Flower, Heavenly Child"Male
LeilanieFlower Of Heaven.Female
LeilanyHeavenly Flower. Alternate Spelling: Leilani.Female
LeiloniHeavenly Child. Flower.Female
LeiraReference To The Virgin MaryFemale
LeksiDefender Of ManMale
LelaBorn At Night.Female
LelandFrom The Meadow LandMale
LemaAmharic Of Ethiopia Name Meaning "Cultivated, Developed."Male
LemanFrom The ValleyMale
LemuelDedicated To GodMale
LemuelaDevoted To GodFemale
LenAbbreviation Of Leonard.Male
LenaName Suffix.Female
LendallFrom The Linden Tree Dell.Male
LendellFrom The Linden Tree Dell.Male
LeneePronounced Just Like Renee But With The L.Female
LenmanaHopi Name Meaning "Flute Girl." LEQUOIAFemale

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