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13 Spiritual Baby Names Inspired By Modern Birthstones Month
In the Victorian era, parents believed naming their children after a gem would bring their babies luck and prosperity. Here comes our selection of 13 spiritual baby names that are inspired by modern birthstones. These glittering baby names inspired by gemstones are perfect for your little babies. Put a little sparkle in your baby’s name with one of these 13 sparkly baby names as precious as the gems they come from.

18 Wonderful Unique Baby Names That Mean Bird
Birds have wings and most birds can fly, flight is the primary means of locomotion for most bird species. Flying birds are happy, and they enjoy freedom, they could go anywhere they want to for food or leisure. As the parents we wish our babies live a happy life like birds. When coming up to baby names, you could choose a bird-inspired name for your beloved boy or girl. Here comes our selection of 18 unique baby names that mean bird in various origins and cultures, they make good names for your birdy-like babies.

50 Pretty Girl Names Work For Twin Girl Babies
Have a daughter is happy, and having twin daughters is even fortunate. If you are looking for pretty and feminine names for your little girls, here comes the list. These cute names for little girls range from floral-inspired to old-fashioned, and they provide you the perfect options for your little sweeties.

Keri Russell Welcomed A New Baby Named Sam
The actress Keri Russell revealed that she and Matthew Rhys welcomed a new boy they named Sam. Russell is also mom to son River, nine, and Willa, five, both from her previous marriage to Shane Deary. Sam is a classic name that's been a favorite with other Hollywood parents, including Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck, as well as Naomi Watts.

26 Superheroine Baby Girl Names From Comic Books
There are lots of awesome and powerful names in comic books, and of course you could choose some for your beloved baby girls. Here comes 26 superheroine names inspired by strong female characters of our favorite comics, including X-Men, Batman, Avengers, etc. Check out the below list and select your favorite cool superheroine names for your little girls.

Isla: Natarah Nadesan's Baby Name Revealed
Natarah Nadesan gave birth to a beautiful baby girl on Saturday morning, and the little girl named Isla is very healthy. The coming of the little Isla bring the family great joy, and we wish Natarah have the best experience as a new mom.

Scarborough Fair-inspired Girl Names: Parsley, Sage, Rosemary, and Thyme
When coming up to baby names, it will be a great idea to name your little boys or girls with these natural, literary, and vintage names. If you have four daughters named Parsley, Sage, Rosemary, and Thyme, it will be a perfect thing, because it will make people remember this beautiful song every time you called them.

Old-fashioned Baby Names: Top 20 Baby Names Of The 1880s
Some parents may be interested in trendy baby names, but the fact is that the hottest baby names of the year could go out of style. The better option is sticking with the classic baby names, and these old-fashioned, traditional baby names for boys or girls will never go out of style. Let's see what's the most popular boy names and girl names of the 1880s.

Names By State: Top 100 Baby Names In Alabama
Popular baby names are different in various regions. In the United States, the most popular boy names and girl names are different in each state. Alabama is a state located in the southeastern region of the United States. Alabama babies deserve Alabama baby names. Here comes top 100 most frequent given names for male and female births in 2015 in Alabama. Check out the below list and select a popular or unique name that suits your style for your little Alabama boy or girl.

39 Unique Baby Names Inspired By World Famous Places
Place-inspired baby names are very hot now, many celebrities choose place-themed names for their newborn boys or girls. For example, Ashley Simpson and Peter Wentz named their son Bronx, Reese Witherspoon named her son Tennessee. Many parents pick place names with personal meanings: the location of their courtship, marriage proposal or ceremony, where their child was conceived. There are lots of sounding place baby names, for instance Austin, Brooklyn, Paris, and Sienna. But if you think those names are too popular, you could consider our selection of 39 unique place-inspired baby names after world famous places.

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