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150 NYC-Inspired Baby Names After New York City Places
The City of New York, often called New York City or simply New York, is the most populous city in the United States. The city has a rich cultural history, and you have plenty of streets, landmarks, and neighborhoods to inspire a creative name for your babies. Whether New York is home or just a place you love to visit, one of these New York City-inspired names is perfect for the newest addition to your family. Check out these 150 unique NYC-inspired baby names for your baby boys or girls.

Top 10 Unisex Baby Names For Your Boys Or Girls
Choosing a name for your new born baby is an interesting work. Many parents prepared two names, one for boy and one for girl, because they cannot decide the gender before the baby coming to the world. If you are choosing the name during the pregnant, you could consider unisex baby names, they work for either gender. Here comes our selection of top 10 unisex baby names, just choose your favorite name for your little boy or girl.

40 Biblical Baby Names From The New Testament
The Bible is great source for boy names and girl names, and biblical baby names have timeless appeal. From strong boy names to unique girl names, New Testament names are perfect for modern kids. If you like biblical baby names, do not hesitate to honor your faith with one of these beautiful baby names from the New Testament.

200 Unique Pretty Girl Names For Your Beautiful Babies
Pretty girl names are timeless topic. When coming up to girl names, nothing are better than those unique and pretty names. Here comes our selection of 200 unique girl names that are unique, beautiful, hot, and pretty. Check out the below list and select your favorite girl name for your beloved baby girl.

100 Biblical Girl Names For Your Pretty Baby Girls
Biblical girl names have been popular since they came into being, and they never run of style. If you are looking for some biblical names for your baby girls, you're sure to check out our collection of biblical girl names. These names come from The Bible, The Old Testament, and the New Testament, and they make good names for your pretty girls.

200 Pretty Girl Names For Black Babies
Black girls are beautiful, and newborn black baby girls deserve pretty girl names. Here we pulled together a collection of 200 pretty girl names that work perfect for your black princesses. If you are looking for a black girl name, just feel free to choose your favorite name from the below list for her and enjoy!

100 Cool Southern Girl Names That Are Uncommon
The Southern United States, commonly referred to as the American South, Dixie, or simply the South, is a region of the United States of America. The region is known for its culture and history, having developed its own customs, musical styles, and cuisines, which have distinguished it in some ways from the rest of the United States. If you want some southern spice for your girl's name, these cool southern girl names are designed for you. Check out the below list and select your favorite southern name for your little girl.

120 Awesome Old-Fashioned Girl Names With Meanings
Old-Fashioned baby names do not go out of style, and they are popular again. If you like old-fashioned, vintage, retro, classic, traditional, and unusual girl names, then you come to the right place. Check out this list of 120 old-fashioned girl names with great meanings, and feel free to choose your favorite name for your little girl.

100 Sporty Boy Names Inspired By FIFA Greatest Soccer Players
Since soccer is one of the most exciting and entertaining sports, there are lots of great players in the past several years. When coming up to sporty baby names, you could name your little boy after your favorite soccer player. Here comes our collection of 100 sporty boy names inspired by FIFA greatest soccer players.

20 Biblical Baby Names Originating From The Old Testament
The Old Testament is also called the Hebrew Bible, and it contains the legends, histories, laws and prophecies of the ancient Hebrews. Of course there are also lots of names inspired by the Old Testament characters. If you like biblical baby names, you could consider of of these common English names that originate from the Old Testament.

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