Beautiful Girl Names, Page 2

Baby NameMeaningGender
AnabellaGrace And Beauty. Variant Of Annabelle.Female
AngelaMessenger From God; AngelFemale
AnnelieseGrace Or Devoted To GodFemale
AoifeIrish Form Of Eve Gives LifeFemale
AprilOpening Buds Of Spring: Born In April.Female
ArdenLofty. Eager.Female
AriaGentle MusicFemale
AriellaLion Of GodFemale
AstridDivine StrengthFemale
AthenaGoddess Of Wisdom And Warfare.Female
Aurora"Dawn." According To Ancient Greek Mythology, Aurora Is The Goddess Of The Dawn. Aurora Was Mother Of Memnon, King Of Aethiopia, Whose African Troops Came To The Aid Of The Trojans At Troy.She Is Also Known As EOS.Female
AutumnBorn In The Fall: The Fall Season.Female
AvaVariant Of Medieval Given Names Avis And AvelineFemale
AvrilBorn In AprilFemale

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