Biblical Baby Names, Page 2

Baby NameMeaningGender
DanGod Is My JudgeMale
DanielGod Is My Judge. The Biblical Prophet And Writer Of Book Of Daniel Was A Teenager When Taken To Babylon After The Destruction Of Jerusalem In 607 BC. He Survived Two Death Sentences: (A Lions' Den And A Fiery Furnace.): Frontiersman Daniel Boone.Male
DaphneBay TreeFemale
DeborahBee. Deborah Was The Biblical Prophetess Who Summoned Barak To Battle Against An Army Of Invaders. After The Battle She Wrote A Victory Song Which Is Part Of The Book Of Judges.Female
DinahAvenged Or Judged And Vindicated. In The Bible Dinah Was Jacob's Only Daughter.Female
EliAscended Or My God. The Biblical High Priest Eli Judged Israel For 40 Years And Instructed The Young Samuel.Male
ElijahJehovah Is GodMale
ElizabethSister Of MarkFemale
EuniceJoyous VictoryFemale
EveLife. Living One. In The Bible Eve Was Adam's Wife And The First Woman.Female
EzekielGod Strengthens. Biblical Ezekiel Was A Prophet Among The Captives Taken To Babylon At The First Fall Of Jerusalem Who Wrote The Book Of Ezekiel In Captivity. See Also Zeke.Male
GabrielGod Is My StrengthMale
GadJuniper Tree (Navajo)Male
GenesisOrigin: Birth. Genisis Is The Name Of The First Book In The Bible. Genisia - The Virgin Mary Of Turin - Is A Protectress Invoked Against Drought In Catholic Tradition.Female
HillelGreatly PraisedMale

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