Biblical Baby Names, Page 3

Baby NameMeaningGender
ImmanuelVariant Of Emanuel With Us Is God.Male
GadJuniper Tree (Navajo)Male
GenesisOrigin: Birth. Genisis Is The Name Of The First Book In The Bible. Genisia - The Virgin Mary Of Turin - Is A Protectress Invoked Against Drought In Catholic Tradition.Female
IsraelGod Perseveres: Contends. In The Bible When Jacob Was In His Nineties As A Token Of Blessing God Changed His Name To Israel.Male
IshmaelGod Listens. In The Bible Ismael Was Son Of Abraham By Sarah's Egyptian Slave Woman Hagar.Male
JabinGod Has Built. A Biblical Name.Male
JadonJehovah Has Heard. A Biblical Name.Male
JesusNamed For JesusMale
JethroOverflowing: Abundance. In The Bible The Midian Priest Jethro Was Moses' Father-In-Law. Jett: (Hebrew/English) Variant Of Hebrew Jethro Overflowing: Abundance.)Male
JoannaGift From GodFemale
JohnJehovah Has Been Gracious: Has Shown Favor. In The Bible John The Baptist Baptized Christ In The Jordan River. Variants Have Been Created In Almost Every Language.Male
JordanFlowing DownMale
JosephGod Will MultiplyMale
JoshuaGod Is SalvationMale
JosiahJehovah Has Healed. Biblical Josiah Became King Of Judah At Eight After His Father Was Assassinated. He Ruled 31 Years.Male
HillelGreatly PraisedMale
JudahThe Praised One. The Fourth Of Biblical Jacob's 12 Sons.Male

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