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Baby NameMeaningGender
BarrakFlash Of Lightning. In The Bible The Valiant Fighting Man Barak Cooperated With The Prophetess Deborah To Win Victory In Battle Against Overwhelming Odds.Male
BarrettVariant Of Barnett.Male
BarryA Guinean Surname Meaning The Family Comes From The Peul, Fulani, Or Foulbe Ethnic Groups Of West Africa.Male
BaselMuslim Name Popular In Sudan, Meaning "Brave."Male
BealantinGaelic Form Of Ballantine (Brave)Male
BeamardBrave As A BearMale
BehrendVariable Of Berend: Brave As A BearMale
BellaDevoted To GodFemale
BelleFair: Lovely One.Female
BemotBrave As A BearMale
BenatBrave As A BearMale
BerendBrave As A BearMale
BerinhardBrave As A BearMale
BernadetteHas The Courage Of A BearFemale
BernadinaFeminine Of Bernard. St. Bernadette Was Canonized In 1933.Female
BernadineFeminine Of Bernard. St. Bernadette Was Canonized In 1933.Female
BernardBrave As A BearMale
BernardaFeminine Of Bernard. St. Bernadette Was Canonized In 1933.Female
BernardoBrave As A BearMale
BernardynBrave As A BearMale
BerndBrave As A BearMale
BernhardBrave As A BearMale

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