Christmas Baby Names, Page 3

Baby NameMeaningGender
ClariceVariant Of Claire Or Clarice. Bright: Shining And Gentle: Famous.Female
ClarkCleric: Secretary.Male
ClausPeople's VictoryMale
CooperMakes BarrelsMale
CorneliusStrong Willed Or WiseMale
CristobalSpanish Form Of Christopher Christ BearerMale
DavidDearly LovedMale
DorotheaDanish Form Of Dorothy (God's Gift)Female
DorothyA VisionFemale
DuncanDark Skinned FighterMale
EalhdunFrom The Elves'valleyMale
EbenezerRock Of HelpMale
EddieAbbreviation Of Names Beginning With Ed- Like Edward And Edmond.Male
EldanFrom The Elves'valleyMale
EldenFrom The Elves' ValleyMale
EleanorShining Light. Variant Of Helen.Female
EleanoraShining Light. Variant Of Helen.Female
EleazarGod Has HelpedMale
ElijahJehovah Is GodMale
ElizaConsecrated To GodFemale
ElizabethSister Of MarkFemale
EmmanuelGod Is With UsMale

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