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Baby NameMeaningGender
BrookeLives By The StreamMale
BruceSurname Since Medieval Times: Now A Common Given Name. Folklore Tale Of 14Th Century Robert King Of Scotland: (The Bruce) Who Learned The Value Of Perseverance From Watching A Spider Spin A Web.Male
BryceSon Of A NoblemanMale
CadenLittle Fighter.Female
CaesarLong HairMale
CalanContemporary Variant Of Cailean Child.Male
CalypsoMyth Name (Daughter Of Atlas)Female
CameronCrooked NoseMale
CamillaFree-Born: Noble. Variant Of CamillaFemale
CamilleVariant Of The Flower Name Camelia.Female
Carlie"Variant Of Karlee, Karlie."Female
CarlisleFrom The Walled CityMale
CarlottaItalian Form Of Charlotte (Manly)Female
CarlyLittle And Womanly. Alternate Spelling: Carlie.Female
CaroleSong Of Happiness: Joy. Feminine Of Carl.Female
CarolineFeminine Of Carl: Joy: Song Of Happiness. Feminine Variant Of Charles Meaning ManlyFemale
CarsonSon Of CarrMale
CarterDrives A CartMale
CaseyBrave: Vigilant.Female

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