Handsome Baby Names, Page 7

Baby NameMeaningGender
FinneenBeautiful ChildMale
FletcherMaker Of ArrowsMale
ForestKeeps The Forest Woodland.Male
FrankieDiminutive Of Frank Free: A Free Man. Frankie Is Occasionally Used For Girls.Male
FranklinFree Man: Landholder.Male
FreddyVariant Of Frederick Peaceful Ruler.)Male
FrederickPeaceful Ruler.Male
FullerCloth ThickenerMale
GabrielGod Is My StrengthMale
GarethSon Of LotMale
GarrettStrong SpearMale
GarrisonSpear-Fortified Town.Male
GaryCarries SpearsMale
GavinWhite HawkMale
GilbertBright Lad. Gilberto: (Spanish) Bright Lad.Male
GordonFrom The Marshes. One Of Scotland's Great Clans. Surname.Male
GrahamFrom The Great Meadow Farm Home. Surname.Male
GrantBestow Or Great: Tall. The American General And President Ulysses S. Grant. Surname.Male
GraysonSon Of The ReeveMale
GregAbbreviation Of Gregory.Male

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