Indian Boy Names

Baby NameMeaningGender
AarushFirst Ray Of Sun.Male
AarushiFirst Ray Of The Sun.Female
AdiMyth Name (A Form Of Vasishtha)Male
AditiFree AHISMAFemale
AdityaLord Of The SunMale
Ajay"Unconquerable, Invincible"Male
AkanshaWish Or Desire.Female
Akhil"World, Whole Perfect Entire, Complete, All Encompassing"Male
Alima"Cultured; Wise; Knows Dance And Music." Variant Alimah Exists.Female
AnayaIbo Of Eastern Nigeria Name Meaning "Look Up To God."Female
AnishaVariant Of Anne Or Agnes.Female
Anjali"Angel, Messenger"Female
AnoushkaLittle Anna.Female
AnushkaFavored One.Female
ArmaanHope Or Desire. In French It MeansMale
AryaMyth Name (Noble Goddess)Female
AshwinSpear FriendMale
AyaanGift Of God.Male

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