Irish Baby Names, Page 7

Baby NameMeaningGender
FlannaRed HairedFemale
FlynnSon Of The Ruddy Man.Variants Include Flin, Flinn, And Flyn. FOGARTY, FOGERTY, FOGARTAIGHMale
FynballaFair ShouldersFemale
GaelJoyful. Abbreviation Of Abigail. Gael Is A Term For Descendants Of The Ancient Celts In Scotland: Ireland And The Isle Of Man.Female
GallowayOf The Strange GaulsMale
GarrettStrong SpearMale
GerritSpear HardMale
GilchristIrish Name Meaning "Christ's Servant."Male
GillespieGaelic Name Meaning "Son Of The Bishop's Servant."Male
GilroyServes The RedheadMale
GlendonFrom The Dark GlenMale
GlennaOf The GlenFemale
GodfreyPeace From GodMale
GradyIrish Name Meaning "Noble" Or "Renowned."Variant, Gradey, Exists.Male
HaleyField Of Hay. Usually A Surname.Female
HoganYouth Surname.Male
IgraineMother Of ArthurFemale
IleneVariant Of Eileen.Female

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