Old English Baby Names, Page 6

Baby NameMeaningGender
ClevaDwells At The CliffsFemale
CleveCliffs: Abbreviation Of Cleveland.Male
CliffLives By The Ford Near The CliffMale
CliffordLives By The Ford Near The CliffMale
CliftonFrom The Farm Near The CliffMale
ClintFrom The Headland EstateMale
ClintonFrom The Headland EstateMale
CliveLives At The CliffsMale
ColbyFrom The Black FarmMale
ColeFrom The Dark Town: Abbreviation Of Nicholas People's Victory.Male
ColtFrom The Dark TownMale
ColtenCoal Town.Male
ColtonFrom The Dark TownMale
CooperMakes BarrelsMale
CorlissGood Hearted: Carefree.Female
CromwellFrom The Crooked WellMale
Daisy"The Day's Eye."Female
DaleLives In The ValleyFemale
DallinBlind. A Saint's Name.Male

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