Old English Baby Names, Page 9

Baby NameMeaningGender
EdmondWealthy DefenderMale
EdmondaRich BenefactressFemale
EdmondoItalian Form Of Edmund (Prosperous)Male
EdmundWealthy DefenderMale
EduardGerman Form Of Edward (Rich Guardian)Male
EduardaRich BenefactressFemale
EduardoItalian Form Of Edward (Rich Guardian)Male
EdvardWealthy GuardianMale
EdwinaWealthy Friend. Rich In Friendship. Feminine Of Edwin.Female
EgertonFrom The Town On The RidgeMale
ElfieGood ElfFemale
ElfredaGood CounselorFemale
ElfridaPeaceful Ruler. Variant Of Frieda.Female
ElleryLives By The Alder TreeMale
ElsdonFrom The Noble's HillMale
EltonFrom The Old TownMale
ElvinGood ElfFemale
ElvinaFriend Of The ElvesFemale
ElvisElf-Wise Friend. Variant Of Alvin. Made Famous By Singer And Actor Elvis Presley.Male
ElvyElf WarriorMale

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