Peaceful Baby Names, Page 16

Baby NameMeaningGender
WinifridPeaceful FriendFemale
WinifridePeaceful FriendFemale
WinnieWhite Or FairFemale
WulffrithWolf Of PeaceMale
WyifridFriend Of PeaceMale
WynfrithFriend Of PeaceMale
XolaXhosa Of S. Africa Name Meaning "Stay In Peace."Male
YasuoPeaceful OneMale
YenA Swallow (Bird); Peace; Safe; Stand StillFemale
ZairaIrish Form Of Sara PrincessFemale
ZolaCongolese Name Meaning "Productive."Female
ZulemaPeace:Tranquility. Variant Of Salome Or Solomon.Female
ZulimaPeace:Tranquility. Variant Of Salome Or Solomon.Female

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