Peaceful Baby Names, Page 6

Baby NameMeaningGender
FridwolfPeaceful WolfMale
FriedrichGerman Form Of FrederickMale
FriedrickNickname Variant Of Frederick Peaceful Ruler.Male
FritzGerman Form Of FrederickMale
FritziPeaceful RulerFemale
GairbithRough PeaceMale
GalaFestive Party. Joyful. Abbreviation Of Abigail. Gael Is A Term For Descendants Of The Ancient Celts In Scotland: Ireland And The Isle Of Man.Female
GaleaFestive Party.Female
GalenaSmall Intelligent OneFemale
GaleniaSmall Intelligent OneFemale
GaliaGod Shall RedeemFemale
GalinaBright One HELENKAFemale
GaylenFestive Party.Female
GeffreyPeaceful. See Also Jeffrey.Male
GeoffPeaceful GiftMale
GeoffreyDivine PeaceMale
GilbertBright Lad. Gilberto: (Spanish) Bright Lad.Male
GiuliaItalian Form Of Julia (Youthful)Female
GodfreyPeace From GodMale
GodofredoSpanish Form Of Godfrey Friend Of GodMale

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