Poetic Baby Names, Page 3

Baby NameMeaningGender
ArchieValuable: Bold.Male
AriaGentle MusicFemale
ArielLioness Of GodFemale
ArielleLion Of God.Female
ArionMyth Name (Horse Of Adrastus)Male
AristotleBest Of ThinkersMale
ArnaudEagle RulerMale
ArnoldThe Eagle Rules.Male
ArtemisMyth Name (Goddess Of The Hunt)Female
ArthurNoble: Courageous. Legendary Sixth Century King Arthur Of Britain And His Round Table Of Knights.Male
AudenOld Friend.Male
AudreyNoble StrengthFemale
AudriaNobility: Strength.Female
AugustusMajestic Dignity: Grandeur.Male
AurearGentle MusicFemale
AuriarGentle MusicFemale
Aurora"Dawn." According To Ancient Greek Mythology, Aurora Is The Goddess Of The Dawn. Aurora Was Mother Of Memnon, King Of Aethiopia, Whose African Troops Came To The Aid Of The Trojans At Troy.She Is Also Known As EOS.Female
AustinVariant Of Augustine.Male
AutumnBorn In The Fall: The Fall Season.Female
AvalonArthur's Burial PlaceFemale
AveryElf Ruler Or From The Old FordMale

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