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Baby NameMeaningGender
JadeJewel. Courageous And Adoring.Female
JaelynBird Of Light.Female
JamillaVariant Of Jameelah. BeautifulFemale
JemalHandsome. Variant Of Jamal. JERALD: (English) Variant And Surname Form Of Gerald Rules By The Spear.Male
JolieCheerful: Pretty.Female
JoseeGod Will AddFemale
JosephineGod Will AddFemale
JosetteFeminine Form Of Joseph (He Adds)Female
JoslynMedieval Male Name Adopted As A Feminine Name.Female
JulietYouthful: Variant Of Julia. Jove's Child. Star Crossed Lover In The Shakespearian Tragedy Romeo And Juliet.Female
JulietteYouthful Variant Of Julia. Jove's Child.Female
KaelynVariant Of Kay And Kayla. Keeper Of The Keys: Pure.Female
KaiaFrom The EarthFemale
KalinVariant Of Kay And Kayla. Keeper Of The Keys: Pure.Female
KalliopeBeautiful VoiceFemale
KaraVariant Of Katherine. Pure.Female
KatherinePure. Used Since Third Century A.D. Early Latin Forms Katerina And Caterina Became Katharine And Catherine. French Cateline And English Catlyn Came Into Wider Use During Medieval Period When Variants Multiplied.Female

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