Royal Baby Names, Page 3

Baby NameMeaningGender
EmmanuelGod Is With UsMale
FahdPanther, LynxMale
FrederickPeaceful Ruler.Male
GabrielGod Is My StrengthMale
GastonFrom GasconyMale
GustavaStaff Of The GodsFemale
GustaveStaff Of The Gods.Variants Include, Gustav, And Gustavus. Diminutive Is Gus.Male
HarryArmy ManMale
HelenaVariant Of Helen. In Mythology The Abduction Of Zeus's Mortal Daughter Helen Sparked The Trojan War.Female
HenrikRuler Of The Home. Variant Of Henry.Male
HenryRules His Household. Oft-Used English And French Royal Name. The Second Son Of Charles Prince Of Wales Is Named Henry.Male
HusseinGood. The Founder Of Shiite Islam Was Named Hussein.Male
IlianaVariant Of Elena.Female
IsabellaMeaning UnknownFemale
IsabelleDevoted To GodFemale
JackReplace (Derivative Of James)Male
JaneGift From GodFemale
JoachimGod PreparesMale
JoshuaGod Is SalvationMale

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