Scientific Baby Names, Names After Scientists and Inventors

Scientific Baby NamesScience is very important and it improves our daily life a lot. Scientists, researchers and inventors are studying and try to find out how the world works around us. If you or your spouse like science and natural, your newborn baby may also like science after he or she grown up. We do not know what he or she will be in the future, but naming him or her Einstein or Edison will encourage him or her learning science with more passion.

Baby NameMeaningGender
AbdulServant Of GodMale
AdaIbo Of Nigeria Name For Firstborn Females.Female
Agnes"Pure; Virginal." Variants Include Ag, Agafi, Agafia, Agafon, Aggi, Aggie, Aggye, Aghna, Agi, Agie, Agna, Agnah, Agnek, Agnella, Agnellah, Agnelle, Agnese, Agnesse, Agneta, Agnetta, Agnettah, Agnola, Agnolah, Agot, Agota, Agote, Agoti, Agy, AgyeFemale
AlessandraItalian Feminine Form Of Alexander (Protector Of Mankind)Female
AlexanderDefender Of ManMale
AmalieIndustrious. Striving.Female
AndreasGerman Form Of Andrew (Manly)Male
AnnaArthur's SisterFemale
ApolloUncle Of TristanMale
ArchieValuable: Bold.Male
AryaMyth Name (Noble Goddess)Female
Aurora"Dawn." According To Ancient Greek Mythology, Aurora Is The Goddess Of The Dawn. Aurora Was Mother Of Memnon, King Of Aethiopia, Whose African Troops Came To The Aid Of The Trojans At Troy.She Is Also Known As EOS.Female
AxelFather Of PeaceMale
BelleFair: Lovely One.Female
BenjaminSon Of The Right Hand. In The Bible The Patriarch Jacob's Twelfth And Most Beloved Son.Male

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