Spanish Girl Names, Page 8

Baby NameMeaningGender
CharoNickname For Rosario. Variant Of Rosa.Female
ChavelaVariant Of Isabel.Female
ChavelleVariant Of Isabel.Female
ChayaAbbreviation For People With Names Ending In -Ario.Female
ChicaPet Name Meaning Little Girl.Female
ChiquitaPet Name Meaning Little Girl.Female
ChrisannaVariant Of ChrysantusFemale
ChrisanneVariant Of ChrysantusFemale
ChrysannVariant Of ChrysantusFemale
CiprianaMyth NameFemale
CiriVariant Of Cyril.Female
ClarisaBright: Shining And Gentle: Famous.Female
ClementinaClemency: Mercy. Clemence Was The Mythological Roman Goddess Of Pity.Female
ClodoveaFeminine Form Of Clodoveo Famous WarriorFemale
CloeVariant Of Chloe.Female
CocoA Pet Name.Female

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