Strong Baby Names, Page 3

Baby NameMeaningGender
AmholdPower Of An EagleMale
AmoLittle EagleMale
AmoldPower Of An EagleMale
AmollPower Of An EagleMale
AmoryBrave: Powerful. See Also Emory.Male
AmotPower Of An EagleMale
AmottPower Of An EagleMale
AndersDanish Form Of Andrew (Manly)Male
AndreManly: Brave. Variant Of English Andrew.Male
AndreaFeminine Form Of Andrew ManlyFemale
AndreanaFeminine Form Of Andrea (Manly)Female
AndreasGerman Form Of Andrew (Manly)Male
AndrewManly: Brave. In The Bible The First Of The Twelve Apostles Chosen. Andrew Is Patron Saint Of Scotland And Russia. See Also Jedrick And Kendrick.Male
AngelaMessenger From God; AngelFemale
AnghusExceptionally StrongMale
AngusExceptionally StrongMale
AonghusExceptionally StrongMale
ApolloUncle Of TristanMale
ApolloniaMasculine Form Of Apollo.Female

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