93 Artistic Baby Names After Great Artists

Every baby is an artist, and he or she has the great imagination of the world, just as those famous artists. If you are interested in paintings, you could consider these artistic baby names for your little artists in the future.

Alma: Sir Laurence Alma-Tadema, Anglo-Dutch, 1836-1912.

Anquetin: Louis Anquetin, French, 1861-1932.
Ayala: Josefa de Ayala Figueira, Spanish, 1630-84.
Beale: Mary Beale, English, 1633-99.
Beaux: Cecilia Beaux, American, 1855-1942.
Bellocq: Gabrielle Bellocq, French, 1920-99.
Blair: Edmund Blair Leighton, English, 1852-1922.
Brangwyn: Frank William Brangwyn, Welsh, 1867-1956.
Braque: Georges Braque, French, 1882-1963.
Breton: Jules Breton, French, 1827-1906.
Carriera: Rosalba Carriera, Italian, 1675-1757.
Cassatt: Mary Cassatt, American, 1844-1926.
Cezanne: Paul Cezanne, French, 1839-1906.
Chase: William Merritt Chase, American, 1849-1916.
Cheret: Jules Cheret, French, 1836-1932.
Constable: John Constable, English, 1776-1837.
Copley: John Singleton Copley, American, 1737-1815.
Corot: Jean-Baptiste-Camille Corot, French, 1796-1875.
Cosway: Richard Cosway, English, 1742-1821.
Dali: Salvador Domenec Felipe Jacinto Dali I Domenech, Marquis de Pubol, Spanish, 1904-89.
Delacroix: Eugene Delacroix, French, 1798-1863.
Delaroche: Paul Delaroche, French, 1797-1856.
Donatello: Donatello di Nicolo Bardi, Italian, 1386-1466.
Dore: Gustave Dore, French , 1832-83.
Draper: Herbert James Draper, English, 1863-1920.
Durer: Albrecht Dürer, German, 1471-1528.
Emin: Tracey Emin, British, b.1963.
Escher: Mauritz Cornelis Escher, Dutch, 1898-1972.
Etty: William Etty, English, 1787-1489.
Fantin: Henri Fantin-Latour, French, 1836-1904.
Galizia: Fede Galizia, Italian, 1578-1630.
Gainsborough: Thomas Gainsborough, English, 1727-88.
Gaudi: Antoni Gaudi I Cornet, Spanish, 1852-1926.
Godward: John William Godward, English, 1861-1922.
Gogh: Vincent van Gogh, Dutch, 1853-90.
Gower: George Gower, English, c.1540-96.
Goya: Francisco de Goya, Spanish, 1746-1828.
Holman: William Holman Hunt, English, 1827-1910.
Klimt: Gustave Klimt, Austrian, 1862-1918.
Kneller: Sir Godfrey Kneller, Anglo-Dutch, 1646-1723.
Lavery: Sir John Lavery, Irish, 1856-1941.
Leighton: Frederick, Lord Leighton, English, 1830-96., also see Blair
Lely: Sir Peter Lely, Anglo-Dutch, 1618-80.
Leyster: Judith Leyster, Dutch, 1609-60.

Magritte: Rene Magritte, French, 1898-1967.
Manet: edouard Manet, French, 1832-83.
Matisse: Henri Matisse, French, 1869-1954.
Merian: Maria Sibylla Merian, German, 1647-1717.
Millais : Sir John Everett Millais, English, 1829-96.
Miro: Joan Miro i Ferrà, Catalan, 1893-1983.
Monamy: Peter Monamy, English, 1681-1749.
Monet: Claude Monet, French, 1840-1926.
Moreau: Gustave Moreau, French, 1826-98.
Morisot: Berthe Morisot, French, 1841-95.
Nash: Paul Nash, English, 1889-1946.
Opie: John Opie, Cornish, 1761-1807.
Orpen: Sir William Newenham Montague Orpen, Irish, 1878-1931.
Ozenda: Ozenda, Franc?ois, 1923-76.
Pajou: Jacques-Augustin Pajou, French, 1730-1809.
Paxton: William McGregor Paxton, American, 1869-1941.
Picasso: Pablo Picasso, Spanish, 1881-1973.
Poynter: Edward John Poynter, English, 1836-1919.
Quiller: William Quiller Orchardson, Scottish, 1832-1910.
Ramsay: Allan Ramsay, Scottish, 1713-84.
Raffet: Denis Auguste Marie Raffet, French, 1804-60.
Raphael: Raffaello Sanzio de Urbino, Italian, 1483-1520.
Redon: Odilon Redon, French, 1840-1916.
Rembrandt: Rembrandt van Rijn, Dutch, 1606-69.
Renoir: Pierre Auguste Renoir, French, 1841-1919.
Rethel: Alfred Rethel, German, 1816-59.
Rodin: Auguste Rodin, French, 1840-1917.
Rockwell: Norman Rockwell, American, 1894-1978.
Romney: George Romney, English, 1734-1802.
Rousseau: Henry Julien Felix Rousseau, French, 1844-1910.
Rossetti: Dante Gabriel Rossetti, English, 1828-82.
Rubens: Peter Paul Rubens, Flemish, 1577-1640.
Sargent: Sir John Singer Sargent, American, 1856-1925.
Seurat: Georges Pierre Seurat, French, 1859-91.
Sirani: Elisabetta Sirani, Italian, 1638-65.
Sisley: Alfred Sisley, Anglo-French, 1839-99.
Steele: Theodore Clement, American, 1847-1926.
Tanguy: Raymond Georges Yves Tanguy, French, 1900-55.
Titian: Tiziano Vecellio, Italian, 1488-1576.
Turner: Joseph Mallord William Turner, English, 1775-1851.
Yeats: John “Jack” Butler Yeats, Irish, 1871-1957.
Valadon: Suzanne Valadon, French, 1865-1938.
Vermeer: Jan Vermeer, Dutch, 1632-75.
Veronese: Paolo Veronese, Italian, 1528-88.
Vigee: Elisabeth Vigee-Le Brun, French, 1755-1842.
Villon: Jacques Villon, French, 1875-1963.
Watts: George Frederick Watts, English, 1817-1904.
Whistler: James Abbott McNeill Whistler, American, 1834-1903.
Zoffany: Johann Zoffany, German, 1733-1810.

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