50 Magical Harry Potter Baby Names With Meanings

Harry Potter series by JK Rowling is one of the most iconic book franchises of all time, and it creates lots of wonderful magical characters for fans. When coming up to magical baby names, you could look to this magical wizarding tales for inspirations. Who is your most favorite character? Check out our selection of top 50 Harry Potter baby names and get your own ideas.

Harry Potter Boy Names

Arthur: Noble, courageous.

Cedric: King of all the land.
Colin: Victory of the people.
Charlie: Manly.
Ernie: Earnest.
Fred: Peaceful ruler.
Garrick: One who governs with a spear.
George: Farmer.
Harry: Ruler of the home.
James: He grasps the heel.
Justin: Just, upright, righteous.
Kingsley: From the king's wood.
Lee: Clearing, meadow.
Ludo: Famous warrior.
Neville: From the new village.
Oliver: From the olive tree.
Percy: Masculine.
Remus: Raised by wolves.
Ron: Rules with counsel.
Rubeus: Giant.
Rufus: Red-haired.
Seamus: Holder of the heel.
Sirius: Brightest star.
Ted: Wealthy guardian.
Viktor: Victory, conqueror.

Harry Potter Girl Names

Andromeda: To be mindful.

Angelina: Angelic messenger.
Arabella: Beautiful, graceful.
Ariana: Most holy.
Aurora: Goddess of the dawn.
Charity: Christian love.
Cho: Beautiful.
Emmeline: Industrious, hardworking.
Fleur: Flower.
Gabrielle: Woman of God.
Ginny: From the ginger flower.
Helena: Shining light.
Hedwig: Fight, duel.
Hermione: Earthly messenger.
Lavender: To wash.
Lily: Pure.
Luna: The moon.
Marietta: Bitter.
Minerva: To remember.
Molly: Bitter.
Myrtle: Flowering Shrub.
Padma: Lotus.
Penelope: Faithful.
Poppy: Of the flower.
Sybil: Prophetess.

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