70 Ethiopian Boy Names With Great Meanings

Ethiopians do not have family surnames. They use their father's first name as their last names. Ethiopian names are generally of Biblical and Islamic in origin. Here comes our selection of 70 unique Ethiopian boy names, and these cool names have great meanings. Despite the countries of you and your family, you could choose one of these names as your little boy's first name.

Abebe: Flourshing Flower.

Addisu: New One.
Abel: Breath of Air.
Adunga: Our World.
Aman: Handsome Man.
Afewerek: Golden Mouth.
Bayissa: Inspiration.
Beca: Understanding God.
Biniam: Lucky Son.
Berhanu: His light.
Bruk: Blessed.
Caleb: Faithful.
Dagim: Repeat.
Daniel: God is my judge.
Desta: Joyful.
Dawit: Beloved.
Dula: King.
Ejigu: Excessively grand.
Eleazar: God's assistant .
Elias: The lord is my God.
Emanuel: God is with us.
Etefu: Twice.
Eyasu: God Rescues.
Ezana: Aksumite King.
Ezera: Helper.
Fassil: Unite.
Fasika: Easter.
Frew: Seed.
Fisha: Joy.
Fikre: My Love.
Gabra: An Offering.
Gedeyon: Annihilater.
Getachew: Leader of men.
Girma: Magnigicence.
Gulema: My Child.
Habtamu: Wealthy.
Hakim: Physician.
Hassan: First Born.
Iskinder: Defender of Humanity.
Jember: Sunset.

Kabede: Heavy.
Ketema: Major city.
Legesse: Gardener.
Lemma: Increased Growth .
Lire: Happiness.
Mamo: Young Boy.
Mebrete: My Light.
Mekonnen: Honorable.
Meles: Change for Money.
Mulu: Whole.
Nebiyou: Our Tears of Joy.
Neguse: King.
Palus: Humble.
Rada: Our Helper.
Ruphael: Healing God.
Samuel: God Has Heard.
Sebhat: Praising the Lord.
Selassie: Trinity.
Shale: Leniency.
Solomon: Peace.
Taddese: Rejuvinate.
Tamrat: A miracle.
Temesgen: Thank our Lord.
Temesgen: Be thankful to God.
Tesfaye: My Hope.
Workneh: You are Gold.
Yeakob: Follower.
Yohannes: God is gracies.
Zere: His Lineage.
Zewedu: Crown.

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