38 Traditional Pakistani Baby Names For Boys Or Girls

Pakistan is a country in South Asia, and it is unique among Muslim countries as it is the only country to have been created in the name of Islam. If you want to pay tribute to your own Pakistani heritage, consider giving your baby one of these traditional Pakistani baby names. Here comes our selection of 38 beautiful names with Arabic, Persian, Punjabi, Urdu and Hebrew influences. Check out the complete list below and select your favorite name for your little boy or girl.

Pakistani Girl Names

Aansa: Powerful.

Barina: Princess.
Chanda: Of the moon.
Durrah: Precious pearl.
Eesha: She who lives.
Farha: A happy occasion.
Ghadah: Delicate young girl.
Haleema: Gentle.
Ibtihal: Supplication.
Janan: Soulful.
Kaina: Eventful.
Laima: Lucky.
Madiha: Worthy of praise.
Malala: Grief-stricken.
Omera: Inspirational.
Pakiza: Pure.
Qamra: Moon.
Rania: Queen.
Talween: Colors.

Pakistani Boy Names

Aaban: Angel.

Badir: Moonlight.
Dabbah: Lock of a door.
Ehan: Full moon.
Faizan: Grace.
Ghani: Rich.
Haleel: True friend, companion.
Ihzam: Caring.
Javaid: Eternal.
Khaldun: A famous Muslim philosopher.
Liman: Bright.
Majid: Glorious.
Nehrin: River.
Omair: Problem solver.
Parvaiz: Commendable.
Qais: Lover.
Ramis: Respected.
Salaar: Leader.
Tabeeb: Doctor.

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