Top 10 Hottest Boy Names Of The Summer

This summer is hot, but some baby names are even hotter than the weather. Here comes our selection of top 10 hottest boy baby names of summer 2016, and these names have made the most dramatic leaps. These vintage names have been popular in the ancient decades, now they are influenced by pop culture and come back again.

Colm: Irish name that means "dove," which is the symbol of love and peace. Irish writer Colm Toibin and actor Colm Meaney helped make this name famous.

Corin: Corin was used by Shakespeare in As You Like It, an unusual name that could make a more distinctive alternative to Corey or Colin. It is a name used in the illustrious Redgrave family of actors.
Dane: English name that means "Dweller in the valley." This short and simple name makes a perfect middle name.
Jace: Jace was originally a nickname for the name Jason, and it is also a combination of the letters J and C. This may explain why the name Jace rising up this summer.
Jude: The Biblical Jude owes its rise to a single celebrity, actor Jude Law.
Kylo: Variant form of Kyle, which is a Scottish name meaning "narrow spit of land." Kylo Ren is the villain played by Adam Driver in the seventh Star Wars movie, this character makes the name Kylo being the hottest boy name this summer.
Oak: An oak is a tree or shrub in the genus Quercus of the beech family, Fagaceae. The strong and simple Oak is very popular this summer.
Orion: Greek name that means "rising in the sky; dawning." The Greek mythological Orion was the legendary hunter who pursued the seven daughters of Atlas, was slain by the goddess Artemis, and then placed as one of the brightest constellations in the night sky by Zeus.
Rex: Latin name that means "king," it was also the title of the kings of ancient Rome.
Theo: Many modern parents use Theo as the short form for Theodore rather than the dated Ted. Short and ultra-chic, Theo's a cool, contemporary baby name choice.

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