98 Unique Aboriginal Boys Names For Your Handsome Boys

Australian Aboriginal names are special. The tribal rhythm and deep tone inherent to them makes these names appealing, interesting, and unique. The Aboriginals are an isolated indigenous group, and the names and words of their languages are compelling and different. The native Australian Aborigines boast up to twenty-seven language families within Australia and a few nearby islands, utilizing some rare phonetic sounds. Here comes our selection of Aboriginal boy names originated from this oldest known surviving culture in the world. Feel free to choose your unique and distinctive baby name from the below list.

Adoni: The sunset.

Akama: Whale.
Allambee: Quiet resting-place.
Amarco: Beautiful place.
Amaroo: Beautiful place.
Apari: Father.
Araluen: The place of waterlilies.
Arunta: White cockatoo.
Bahloo: Moon man.
Balun: River.
Banjora: Koala.
Bardo: Water.
Barega: The wind.
Barwon: Wide river.
Berrigan: Wattle.
Binbeal: The rainbow.
Burnu: Tree.
Burnum: Great warrior.
Cobar: Burnt earth.
Coen: Thunder.
Coorain: The wind .
Cowan: Large expanse of water.
Daku: Sand.
Darel: Blue sky.
Derain: Of the mountains.
Dheran: Gully.
Dorak: Lively.
Dural: Hollow tree that is on fire.
Ganan: From the west.
Garrie: Sleepy.
Gelar: Brother.
Girra: Creek or a tree.
Ira: Camp.
Jarrah: Type of eucalyptus tree.
Jerara: Falling water.
Jirra: Kangaroo.
Kalti: Spear.
Kami: Prickly lizard.
Kari: Smoke.
Karora: Bandicoot ancestral deity.
Kidili: An ancient moon-man who attempted to rape some of the first women on earth.
Killara: Always there, permanent.
Kolet: Dove.
Kolya: Winter.
Konol: The sky.
Koora: The day.
Koorong: Canoe.
Kulan: Possum.

Lane: Good.
Lang: Tree.
Lowan: Mallee fowl.
Maka: Small fire.
Mallee: Scrubland.
Mandu: The sun.
Mani: Equal.
Marron: Leaf.
Matari: Man.
Mearann: To call.
Miki: The moon.
Minar: Mariner.
Miro: Throwing stick.
Mogo: Stone axe.
Monti: Stork.
Mowan: The sun.
Mulga: An acacia tree.
Mullion: An eagle.
Myall: Wild and an acacia tree.
Nalong: The source of the water.
Nambur: Tea-tree.
Nardu: Plant with edible seeds.
Narrah: The sea.
Natan: Fig tree.
Neerim: Long.
Nerang: Little.
Nioka: Green hills.
Nowra: Black cockatoo.
Odern: By the sae.
Orad: Earth.
Parri: Stream.
Pindan: Desert.
Pindari: From the high ground.
Rata: Plant.
Taree: Wild fig.
Tuart: Type of eucalyptus tree.
Ungud: A snake God who is sometimes male and sometimes female.
Uwan: To meet.
Warra: Water.
Warrain: Belonging to the sea.
Warren: Large root.
Warrigal: Wild or a dingo.
Warrun: The sky.
Wirrin: Tea-tree.
Woorak: From the plain.
Woorin: The sun.
Yarran: An acacia tree.
Yileen: Dream.
Yuka: Tree.
Yuri: To hear.

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