21 Pretty Girl Names Meaning Brave and Powerful

Girls are soft, tender, pretty and feminine. But as the parents we hope our daughters brave, strong and powerful enough to overcome the obstacles in the future. These unique and powerful girl baby names will surely empower your baby girls.

Althea: Greek name meaning "with healing power."

Audrey: Noble strength.
Baldwin: Bold, brave friend.
Bernadette: Strong, brave bear.
Briana: Noble, strong, virtuous.
Bridget: Celtic name meaning "power, strength, vigor, virtue."
Drusilla: Strong.
Imara: African-Swahili name meaning "strong."
Isa: German name meaning "strong willed."
Keren: Ray, beam or strength, power.
Marcella: Warring.
Matilda: German name meaning "mighty in battle."
Maude: Powerful battler.
Neima: Strong.
Pilar: Spanish name meaning "pillar of strength."
Rainey: Counsel power.
Rita: Brave, strong.
Valencia: Latin name meaning "brave."
Valeria: Brave.
Valerie: To be healthy, strong.
Zaila: Arabic name meaning "might, power."

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