Chinese Girl Names: 160 Chinese Names For Girls With Meanings

China is an ancient eastern country with history, and Chinese characters have been used as the written script for the Sinitic languages for thousands of years. Chinese personal names are names used by those from mainland China, Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, and the Chinese diaspora overseas. Due to China's historical dominance of East Asian culture, many names used in Korea and Vietnam are adaptations of Chinese names, or have historical roots in Chinese, with appropriate adaptation to accommodate linguistic differences. Here we pulled together a list of 160 popular Chinese girl names, and these names are all given names, not surnames. We also provide you the meanings of these names, and you will know what these names meaning if they are translated into English names.

Ai: Loving.

An: Peace.
Baochai: Precious hairpin.
Bi: Jade.
Bingbing: Icy.
Biyu: Jasper; semi-precious stone.
Bo: Precious.
Changchang: Flourishing.
Changying: Flourishing and lustrous.
Chaoxing: Morning star.
Chenguang: Morning light.
Chun: Springtime.
Chunhua: Spring flower.
Chuntao: Spring peach.
Cuifen: Emerald fragrance.
Dachun: Long spring.
Daitai: Leading a boy in hopes.
Daiyu: Black jade.
Dandan: Cinnabar red.
Daxia: Long summer.
Dongmei: Winter plum.
Fang: Fragrant.
Fenfang: Fragrant.
Hu: Tiger.
Hua: Flower.
Hualing: Flourishing herb.
Huan: Happiness.
Huian: Kind peace.
Huifang: Nice fragrance.
Huifen: Wise and fragrant.
Huilang: Wise jade tinkling.
Huiliang: Kind and good.
Huiqing: Kind and affectionate.
Hui-ru: Wise, intelligent.
Huizhong: Wise and loyal.
Jia: Beautiful.
Jiahui: Nice person.
Jiao: Dainty and lovely.
Jiayi: Household fitting.
Jiaying: Household flourishing.
Jie: Cleanliness.
Jingfei: Still fragrance.
Jinghua: Situation splendid.
Juan: Graciousness.
Jun: Truth.
Kuaihua: Mallow blossom.
Lan: Orchid.
Lanfen: Orchid fragrance.
Lanying: Indigo lustrousness.
Lee: Plum.
Li: Upright.
Lian: The graceful willow.
Lienhua: Lotus flower.
Lifen: Beautiful fragrance.
Lihua: Beautiful pear blossom.
Lijuan: Beautiful and graceful.
Liling: Beautiful jade tinkle.
Lin: Beautiful jade.
Ling: Compassion and understanding.
Linqin: Beautiful zither.
Liqiu: Beautiful autumn.
Liu: Flowing.
Lixue: Beautiful snow.
Luli: Dewy jasmine.

Mei: Plum.
Meifen: Plum fragrance.
Meifeng: Beautiful wind.
Meihui: Beautiful wisdom.
Meili: Beautiful.
Meilin: Plum jade.
Meirong: Beautiful countenance.
Meixiang: Plum fragrance.
Meixiu: Beautiful grace.
Meiying: Beautiful flower.
Meizhen: Beautiful pearl.
Minghua:: Tomorrow's flower.
Mingxia: Bright glow through clouds.
Mingyu: Bright jade.
Mingzhu: Bright pearl.
Mulan: Magnolia blossom.
Mutan: Tree peony blossom.
Ning: Tranquility.
Ninghong: Tranquil red.
Niu: Girl.
Nuo: Graceful.
Peijing: Admiring luxuriance.
Peizhi: Admiring iris.
Ping: Duckweed.
Qianru: Nice smile.
Qiao: Skilful.
Qiaohui: Skilful and wise.
Qiaolian: Skilful always.
Qing: Dark blue?.
Qingge: Clear pavilion.
Qingling: Celebration of understanding.
Qingzhao: Clear understanding.
Qiu: Autumn.
Qiuyue: Autumn moon.
Renxiang: Benevolent fragrance.
Rong: Martial.
Rou: Gentle; mild.
Rufen: Nice fragrance.
Ruiling: Auspicious jade tinkling.
Ruolan: Like an orchid.
Ruomei: Like a plum.
Shaoqing: Young blue.
Shihong: The world is red.
Shu: Fair.
Shuang: Frank; open-hearted.
Shuchun: Fair purity.
Shun: Smooth.
Suyin: Plain and unadorned sound.
Tao: Peach, symbol for long life.
Ting: Graceful.
Wen: Refinement.
Wenling: Tinkling sound of refined jade.
Xia: Rosy clouds.
Xiaodan: Little dawn.
Xiaofan: Little and ordinary.
Xiaohui: Little wisdom.
Xiaojian: Little healthy.
Xiaojing: Morning luxuriance.
Xiaoli: Morning jasmine.
Xiaolian: Little lotus.
Xiaoling: Morning tinkle.
Xiaoqing: Little blue.
Xiaosheng: Little birth.
Xiaotong: Morning redness.
Xiaozhi: Little iris.
Xifeng: Western phoenix.
Xingjuan: Arising grace.
Xiulan: Graceful orchid.
Xiumei: Beautiful plum.
Xiurong: Elegant countenance.
Xiuying: Graceful flower.
Xueman: Snowy grace.
Ya: Grace.
Yan: Swallow bird; gorgeous.
Yang: Sun tiayang.
Yanmei: Beijing plum.
Yanyu: Beijing jade.
Yin: Silver.
Ying: Clever; eagle.
Yingtai: Flower terrace.
Yu: Jade; rain.
Yubi: Jade emerald.
Yue: Moon.
Yuehai: Beautiful moon.
Yueqin: Moon-shaped lute.
Yuming: Jade brightness.
Yun: Cloud.
Yunru: Charming seeming.
Yusheng: Jade birth.
Yuying: Jade flower.
Yuzhen: Jade gem.
Zhaohui: Clear wisdom.
Zhenzhen: Precious.
Zhilan: Iris orchid.

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