16 Unusual Baby Names That Are Going To Be Hot Soon

Popular baby names are very good, especially in soundings and meanings, but they are overused. If you want some unique and unusual baby names, you could consider those less popular boy names and girl names. Here we pulled together a list of 16 unique baby names, and we predict these names will be popular and hot soon in the future.

Alba: Ancient Roman name that means "white."

Astoria: A neighborhood in Queens, New York best known for its large Greek population and for being the Hollywood of the East in the early 20th century.
Calypso: In Greek mythology, the nymph who fell in love with Odysseus and kept him captive on her island.
Kaiser: Variant of Caesar, german name that means "emperor."
Koa: Hawaiian name that means "brave, bold, fearless."
Leonidas: Greek name that means "lion." Also the name of an ancient Spartan warrior-king.
Lula: Old German girl name that means "famous warrior." The name Lula is more formal than Lulu, less elaborate than Lucinda.
Mika: Japanese girl name that means "beautiful fragrance."
Neo: Latin name that means "new."
Ragnar: Norse name that means "warrior from the gods."
Saskia: Dutch girl name that means "a Saxon woman."
Seren: Popular Wales girl name that means "star," drawn from the name of an ancient goddess.
Theodosia: American name that means "God's gift."
Wells: English surname used as a baby name, and the name Wells means "lives by the spring."
Zephyr: In ancient Greek mythology: Zephyr was the God of the West Wind.
Zephyrine: Feminine variation of Zephyr, Greek name that means "west wind."

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