50 Badass Girl Names And Badass Boy Names Make Perfect Options

Badass baby names are becoming more and more popular, many parents are looking for badass names for their baby boys or girls. Giving your little son or daughter a badass baby name does not imply that he or she will grow into an evil kid. If you are like badass baby names, you could consider this list of 50 unique Badass baby names for boys or girls.

Badass Girl Names

Aella: The fierce Amazon warrior notorious for wielding a double-edged sword in Greek mythology. The name Aella means "whirlwind."

Aiden: Irish name means "little and fiery." The name Aiden is inspired from Aodh, the Celtic god of the sun.
Amelia: German name means "work." The name Amelia brings to mind the aviation pioneer Amelia Earhart. Amelia Bloomer, the women’s rights activist is best known for advocating for the less restrictive women’s clothing in the 19th century.
Angelina: The name means "angel," its most famous bearer is Angelina Jolie.
Artemisia: Greek name means "gift from Artemis." Artemisia Gentileschi was one of the most badass artists of the Baroque era.
Beretta: A Beretta is a gun, so named because of the Italian firearms manufacturer that makes it. Beretta is also a badass baby name, used in the middle for daughter Breeze by Bristol Palin baby daddy Levi Johnston.
Blair: This name evokes not just the Ivy League elitism, but also high-stakes revenge schemes. This name was personified perfectly by Blair Waldorf, the "Gossip Girls" evil queen.
Harley: English name means "hare meadow." Harley entered the female side in the year 1991, after the introduction of Joker’s female assistant Harley Quinn in the Batman universe.
Harlow: English name that means "meadow of hares." The girl named Harlow would not be afraid to be herself.
Ida: German name means "labor, work." Your girl named Ida will fight tirelessly for justice.
Kartini: Your girl named Kartini will become a famous activist and writer, just like Raden Ajeng Kartini, the social activist who advocated for women’s education and emancipation and wrote about the need for protection of traditional arts and public health on the island of Java.
Lilith: Hebrew name means "ghost; night monster; storm goddess." As per the Jewish folklore, Adam had rejected Lilith’s proposal for marriage, after which she turned into a demon.
Lola: Brings to mind a sly temptress who does not like following rules.
Luna: The name Luna means "moon". Luna was the Roman mythological goddess of the moon and is equated with the Greek Selene.
Nancy: Hebrew name means "grace." The name Nancy is exceedingly glamorous and badass, just like Nancy Wake, the journalist and spy of the French Resistance during the Second World War.
Raven: Raven Darkholme is the real name of Mystique, heroine of the X-Men films played by Jennifer Lawrence.
Ruby: One of the coolest badass girl names, consider Ruby Rose in "Orange is the New Black," who is a DJ, model, and a recording artist.
Sadie: A nickname for Sarah, which means "princess." Sadie brings to mind the cool girl that everyone loves to hate.
Shabina: Arabic name means "eye of the storm." In nature, the eye of the storm is the region of calm weather in the center of hurricane, cyclone and tropical storm.
Tempest: Cool and evocative word name that means "turbulent, stormy." The name Tempest is for girls who are passionate by nature, but would also come to reason quickly.
Tequila: A regionally specific name for a distilled beverage made from the blue agave plant. This alcohol is believed to bring out the real person.

Badass Boy Names

Ace: Latin name means "one, unity, highest rank," a nickname given to one who excels, also an English surname means "noble." The name Ace has positive references to doing well in tests and poker games, on the tennis court and golf course, and in the air.

Alfred: Anglo-Saxon name means "wise counselor." The name Alfred is related to elves, which were considered to be supernatural beings having special powers of seeing into the future.
Axel: Scandinavian form of the Biblical Absalom, the son of King David, the name Axel means "father of peace." This super cool and badass moniker is associated with the "Guns n Roses" front man Axl Rose.
Blade: English name means "wealthy glory." The superhero Blade is immune to the bites and hypnosis of the supernatural vampires.
Breaker: Aggressive name means "a breaking wave on water." This robust name has become a hip amongst parents who have issues with the law.
Buster: Derived from a nickname used in the United States, occasionally used as a first name in honour of American silent film comic actor Buster Keaton. Nicknamed Buster by Harry Houdini when little Buster tumbled down the stairs and emerged unharmed.
Cassius: Latin name means "empty, vain." Cassius is a Shakespearean name with the feel of antiquity that is coming into fashion. Cassius Clay was an abolitionist and the birth name of Muhammad Ali.
Dagger: A short knife with a pointed and edged blade, used as a weapon. A sharp, edgy, and scary choice for some parents to arm their child in modern world.
Damon: Greek name means "to tame, subdue," it also means "Demon" in German. In the classical mythology, Damon was the symbol of true friendship. He risked his life to save his friend Pythias from execution.
Dean: English name means "one who lived in a valley." The name Dean brings to mind a young boy with slicked-back hair riding motorcycle at midnight.
Kodiak: Russian name means "island." In Alaska, Kodiak means a badass "grizzly bear." Your little boy named Kodiak will not be afraid of anything.
Lowell: French name means "young wolf." The name Lowell calls to mind the genteel patrician families of nineteenth century New England, such as the one poet Robert Lowell was born into.
Maddox: Related to the traditional Welsh Madoc, which means "fortunate." Madoc or Madog was a legendary Welsh prince who in Welsh folklore sailed to the New World three hundred years before Christopher Columbus. Angelina Jolie named her son Maddox Chivan Jolie-Pitt.
Puma: Puma is a large cat, just like a mountain lion or a cougar. Puma SE is a Germany shoe and sportswear company. Your badass boy named Puma will be a strong hunter and filled with strength.
Ranger: French name means "forest guardian." The name Ranger has a western, cow boyish feel to it.
Rocco: German name means "rest." Tough as nails and hard as the rock, Rocco is the guy who commands respect wherever he goes.
Rocket: Rocket comes from the Italian rocchetto, originally a word for a spindle, because of its shape. Rocket has been a popular celebrity baby name. Australian actor Sam Worthington and wife Lara Bingle welcomed a son named Rocket Zot in March 2015.
Ryder: English name means "knight," it sounds like it belongs to a race car driver.
Wyatt: English name means "little warrior." Wyatt is a relaxed, yet a highly respectable name. It’s most badass bearer is Wyatt Earp, the wild west hero and badass frontier officer.

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