Earth Names: 100 Unique Baby Names That Mean Earth

We live on the earth, and the earth mother feed us with grain, water, fruits, vegetables, and almost all the food. It is very important to be eco-friendly to the earth, and more and more parents are choosing earthy names for their babies. Here comes our selection of 100 unique baby names that mean earth in various origins and languages. Adam is a very popular boy name that means "son of the red earth," and it has lots of variations in different origins. Adamson is the son of Adam, and it also has lots of variations. George is a popular boy name that means "farm, earth worker," Georgia is its feminine form. Gaia or Gaea is the womanly personification of the earth in Greek mythology, Terra is its Roman version. Check out the below list for more earth names and enjoy!

Adam: Hebrew name means "red earth." Variations include: Adaih, Adamah, Adamec, Adamek, Adamh, Adami, Adamik, Adamina, Adamka, Adamko, Adamnan, Adams, Adamu, Adan, Adda, Addam, Adem, Adhamh, Admah, Admina, Adom, Adummim.

Adamson: Hebrew name means "son of Adam, man of the red earth." Variations include: Adamsson, Adao, Addams, Addamson, Addie, Addis, Addy, Adhamh, Adnet, Adnot.
Aganju: In African Yoruban Mythology, Aganju was the son and husband of Ododua, the Earth Goddess.
Aiyetoro: African name means "peace on earth."
Ajala: Indian name means "the earth."
Akamu: Hawaiian name means "of the red earth."
Avani: Indian name means "earth."
Avanindra: Indian name means "king of the earth."
Avanish: Indian name means "god of the earth."
Azalea: Latin name means "dry earth." Azalia is its variation form.
Azibo: Egyptian name means "earth."
Barth: English name means "son of the earth."
Berdine: Latin name means "wonderful, earth mother."
Bhagirath: Indian name means "one who brought Ganga on earth."
Bhoodevi: Hindu name means "mother earth."
Bhoomi: Hindu name means "earth."
Bhoomika: Hindu name means "earth."
Bhoopesh: Hindu name means "king of the earth."
Bhu: Indian name means "earth."
Bhudev: Indian name means "lord of the earth."
Bhudevi: Indian name means "earth."
Bhuvana: Indian name means "the earth."
Bhuvaneswari: Hindu name means "mother earth in Kannada."
Bifrost: Norse name means "the bridge from earth to asgard."
Chik: Gypsy name means "earth."
Clay: English name means "of the earth."
Dagan: Hebrew name means "earth; grain. little fish." Dagon is its variation form.
Dagon: Hebrew name means "earth, grain."
Damek: Czech name means "red earth."
Demeter: Greek name means "lover of the earth." Demeter is the Mythological Greek Goddess of Corn and Harvest. Variations include: Demetre, Demetrio, Demetris, Demetrius, Demetrois, Demitrius, Dimetre, Dimitre, Dimitri, Dimitrios, Dimitry, Dimitry, Dmitri, Dmitrios, Dmitry.
Dhara: Hindu name means "earth." Variations include: Dharani, Dharini, Dharithri, Dharti, Dhatri.
Dionne: Greek name means "daughter of heaven and earth." Variation: Dionne.
Dyzek: Polish name means "earth-lover."
Ealaot Wadass: Native American name means "earth."
Eartha: German name means "the earth."
Eden: Hebrew name means "earthly paradise."
Ela: Indian name means "earth."
Ertha: German name means "the earth."
Gaia: Greek name means "the earth." Mythological womanly personification of the earth and mother of the titans. Variations include: Gaea.
Gaius: Biblical name means "lord; an earthly man."
Geb: Egyptian name means "mythical earth god."
Georgina: English name means "farmer, earth worker."
Heartha: Teutonic name means "mother earth."
Heath: English name means "wasteland; from the earth."
Heres: Biblical name means "an earthen pot."
Hermione: Greek name means "earthy."
Herta: German name means "of the earth." Variations include: Hertha, Herthe.

Idumea: Biblical name means "red, earthy, bloody."
Ila: Indian name means "earth, daughter of Manu."
Ilesh: Indian name means "lord of earth."
Inca: Scandinavian name means "Ing's Abundance." Feminine of Ing who was Norse Mythological God of the earth's fertility. Variations include: Inger.
Jared: Hebrew name means "down to earth."
Jarita: Islamic name means "an earthen water jug."
Jerrod: Hebrew name means "down to earth."
Jormungand: Norse name means "the serpent who encircles the earth."
Kaia: Scandinavian name means "earth."
Kaj: Greek name means "earth."
Keb: African name means "God of the earth."
Kesia: African American name means "earth bound."
Lur: Spanish name means "earth."
Maka: Native American name means "earth." Variations include: Mahkah.
Makawee: Native American name means "earth maiden."
Manu: Hindu name means "a ruler of the earth."
Maona: American name means "earth maker."
Maralah: Native American name means "born during an earthquake."
Mikaia: American name means "god's earth."
Nakoma: Native American name means "earth goddess."
Nerthus: Norse name means "mother of earth."
Nitesh: Hindu name means "heartbeat of the earth."
Odanodan: Irish name means "of the red earth."
Onatah: Native American name means "corn spirit, daughter of the earth."
Parth: Hindu name means "son of earth."
Perga: Biblical name means "very earthy."
Prapanch: Hindu name means "the earth."
Prithvijaj: Indian name means "king of the earth."
Pruthu: Hindu name means "a king who looked after earth as his daughter."
Qeb: Egyptian name means "father of the earth."
Seb: Egyptian name means "god of the earth."
Solange: French name means "earth angel."
Taran: American name means "earth."
Taron: English name means "earthman." Variations: Tarrin.
Tefia: Latin name means "earth."
Tehuti: Egyptian name means "god of earth, sky, air and sea."
Tellus: Latin name means "earth."
Tenchi: Japanese name means "heaven and earth."
Terah: Latin name means "earth, hillside."
Teranika: Celtic name means "earth's victory."
Terra: Italian name means "earth." In Roman mythology, Terra was the Roman earth goddess equivalent to the Greek Gaia. Variations: Terrah, Teralyn.
Terran: English name means "earthman." Vairations: Terrin, Terron.
Tierra: Spanish name means "earth."
Trevet: Celtic name means "three mounds of earth."
Tu: Chinese name means "earth, soil."
Tubal: Biblical name means "the earth, the world, confusion."
Tuwa: Native American name means "earth."
Umberto: Italian name means "color of earth."
Urvi: Indian name means "earth."
Valterra: American name means "strong earth."
Vasudhara: Indian name means "earth."
Vishva: Indian name means "earth, universe."
Xantara: American name means "protector of the earth."
Yggsdrasil: Norse name means "the tree that binds heaven hell and earth."
Zola: Latin name means "earth."

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