60 Unique Baby Names That Mean Wind

Nature is a great source for baby names, and many parents today are looking for boy names or girl names inspired by the weather. Of course you could get inspirations from breeze, wind, and even storm. Most of the wind-inspired baby names are not so popular, so they are perfect if you like unique baby names. We suggest baby names like Aquilo, Boreas, Brisa, Ciro, Keith, Makani, and Zephyr for your little boys or girls. Check out the complete list of boy names and girl names inspired by the wind and enjoy!

Aeolius: Latin name means "mythical keeper of the winds."

Aeolus: Greek name means "god of the winds."
Agnitra: Hindu name means "the wind."
Ahio: Polynesian name means "whirlwind."
Aira: American name means "of the wind."
Anil: Indian name means "god of wind."
Anila: Hindu name means "children of the wind."
Aponivi: Native american name means "where the wind blows down the gap."
Aquilo: Greek name means "north wind."
Atabulus: Latin name means "southeastem wind."
Aure: French name means "soft wind, breeze."
Bavol: English name means "wind."
Beval: English name means "like the wind."
Boreas: Greek name means "the north wind."
Brisa: Spanish name means "breeze."
Calais: Latin name means "son of the north wind."
Ciro: Greek name means "Ancient Egyptian wind."
Cirocco: Italian name means "Ancient Egyptian wind."
Elzaphan: Biblical name means "god of the northeast wind."
Eurus: Greek name means "god of the east wind."
Favonius: Latin name means "west wind."
Gaothaire: Gaelic name means "free wind."
Gomda: Native american name means "wind."
Gusty: American name means "revered, windy."
Guthrie: Gaelic name means "free wind."
Iuana: Native american name means "blowing backward as the wind blows over the water of stream."
Jamin: Biblical name means "right hand, south wind."

Keanu: American name means "cool mountain wind."
Keith: Gaelic name means "wind" or "wood."
Keitha: A feminine form of keith, which means "wind" or "wood."
Kiwidinok: Native american name means "woman of the wind."
Knoton: Native american name means "wind."
Makan: Hawaiian name means "wind."
Makani: Hawaiian name means "wind."
Marut: Hindu name means "breeze, wind."
Maruti: Hindu name means "son of wind god."
Mausumi: Indian name means "beauty, monsoon wind."
Nodin: Native american name means "wind."
Notus: Latin name means "south wind."
Pavan: Hindu name means "wind god."
Rabi: Islamic name means "sweet wind."
Saba: Muslim name means "eastern wind." Variation: Sabaa.
Sameer: Hindu name means "wind, breeze."
Samir: Indian name means "wind."
Sherwin: Anglo saxon name means "quick as the wind." Variation: Sherwyn.
Solana: Latin name means "wind from the east."
Tadewi: Native american name means "wind."
Tadi: American name means "wind."
Tate: American name means "windy, great talker."
Veata: Cambodian name means "wind."
Venilia: Latin name means "of the sea and winds."
Waban: American name means "the east wind."
Windham: English name means "from the windy viilage." Variation: Wyndham.
Zephyr: Greek name means "of the west wind." Variations: Zephira, Zephyra, Zephyrus, Zyphire.

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