50 Beautiful Baby Names Inspired By Snow

Winter is beautiful, especially those pure white snow in the cold weather. The beautiful snow is the surprise by the nature in the desolate winter, and it is also a great source for baby names. Here comes our selection of 50 unique baby names that mean snow in various origins, cultures, and languages. If you like snow, you will surely love this list of snow-inspired boy names and girl names.

Girl Names Meaning Snow

Snow-inspired girl names are pretty, and they bring us the image of Snow White, the legendary beautiful Disney princess. If you do not like the name Snow, maybe it's a little bit too straight, you could consider snow in other languages, such as Eira, Lumi, Neva, Neve, or Yuki.

Snow: Fresh and pure name for the baby born in the cold winter.

Eira: Welsh name means "snow."
Lumi: Finnish name means "snow."
Neva: Spanish name means "white snow."
Neve: Latin name means "snow."
Nevara: Spanish name means "to snow."
Bora: Albanian name means "snow."
Neves: Portuguese name means "snows."
Nieves: Spanish name means "snows."
Yuki: Japanese name means "snow."
Sarma: Latvian name means "snowfrost."
Sarmite: Latvian name means "snowfrost."
Taidi: Estonian name means "snow white."
Shilga: Hebrew name means "snow."
Eirlys: Welsh name means "snowdrop."
Eirwen: Welsh name means "white as snow."
Biruta: Lithuanian name means "snow."
Drifa: Icelandic name means "snowdrift."
Edurne: Basque name means "snow."
Fanndis: Icelandic name means "snow goddess."
Flykra: Faroese name means "snow flake."
Fulga: Romanian name means "snowflake."
Helbe: Estonian name means "flake."
Helve: Estonian name means "flake."
Himani: Sanskrit name means "snow."
Ilgara: Azeri name means "first snow."
Koyuki: Japanese name means "little snow."
Kukiko: Japanese name means "child of the snow."
Miyuki: Japanese name means "silent snow."
Neus: Catalan name means "snow."
Patil: Armenian name means "snowflake."
Pire: Mapuche name means "snow."
Tuyet: Vietnamese name means "snow."
Yukiko: Japanese name means "snow child."
Elurreta: Basque name means "snowing."
Ensilumi: Finnish name means "snowfall."
Gwyneira: Welsh name means "white snow."
Snezhala: Bulgarian name means "snow."
Snezhana: Russian name means "snow."

Boy Names Meaning Snow

If you have a little boy due in winter or snow day, you could choose a snow-inspired name for him. Edur is the masculine version of Edurne, which means "snow" in Basque. Nevada is a western U.S. state, and it is also a cool boy name means "snow," the name also works for a girl. In the Japanese culture, the name Yukio is often used for boys born in December, suggests a sense of independence.

Edur: Basque name means "snow."

Nevada: Spanish name means "covered in snow."
Yas: Native American name means "snow."
Yukio: Japanese name means "snow boy."
Fannar: Icelandic name means "snow drift."
Hjarnar: Old Norse name means "frozen snow."
Ilgar: Azeri name means "first snow."
Jouko: Finnish name means "snow."
Persoq: Greenlandic name means "snow flurry."
Pyry: Finnish name means "blizzard."
Sarmis: Latvian name means "snowfrost."
Sheleg: Hebrew name means "snow."

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