Over 60 Unique Baby Names With Spring-inspired Meanings

The cold Winter weather is replaced with sunshine and warmer temperatures, flowers begin to bloom everywhere, animals start to come out of hibernation, all these show that the Spring is coming. Springs bring us the bright sky, cheerful and position moods, hope, and lots of fresh baby names. Here comes our selection of over 60 unique baby names with spring-related meanings, you will surely find your favorite Spring baby names for your little babies. April hath put a spirit of youth in everything, it is the start of Spring and of course it make a good baby name that symbolizes Spring. Maia is the Roman goddess of spring, and you could also use May, the month named after Maia. Cloris or Cloria is the Greek mythology goddess of flowers or spring. Check out the below list for more boy names and girl names that mean spring.

April: Latin name means "open. the month april, symbolizes the start of spring." Variations: Abril, Aprille, Apryl, Apryll.

Maia: In Greek mythology, she was the fair-haired daughter of Atlas who mothered Zeus's favorite illegitimate son, Hermes. In Roman mythology, Maia was the incarnation of the earth mother and goddess of spring, after whom they named the month of May.
May: The month name named after the Roman goddess of spring. Variations: Mae, Mai, Maiya, Maelee, Maelynn.
Ceres: Latin name means "Goddess of the harvest; of the spring. Mythological Roman Goddess of agriculture and fertility."
Nana: Hawaiian name means "name of a spring month; name of a star."
Aviva: Hebrew name means "innocent; springtime." Variations: Aviv, Avivah, Avivi.
Avril: English name means "opening buds of spring; born in April." Variations: Averil, Averill, Avriel, Avrill, Avryl.
Cloris: Greek name means "blooming. Mythological Goddess of flowers or spring." Variations: Cloria, Chloris.
Dione: English name means "from the sacred spring. The Mythological dione was wife to Zeus and mother of Aphrodite." Variations: Dionna, Dionne.
Easter: English name means "from the name of the christian festival, which is based on eostre, the name of a germanic spring goddess. sometimes also used as a variant of esther."
Diona: English name means "from the sacred spring." Variations: Diondra.
Kelly: Teutonic name means "born on the farm during the spring."
Laverna: French name means "born in the spring." Variations: Laverne, Lavergne, Lavernia.
Posala: Native american name means "farewell to spring flower."
Zoysia: English name means "the return of spring, to grow, to renew."
Verna: Latin name means "born in the spring."
Cerelia: Latin name means "of the spring."
Aethretun: English name means "lives at the spring farm."
Aini: Muslim name means "spring."
Akina: Japanese name means "bright spring flower."
Alvern: Latin name means "spring."
Arama: Maori name means "spring."
Bahar: Muslim name means "spring." Variations: Bahaar.
Basant: Hindu name means "the spring season." Variations: Basanti.
Caroun: Armenian name means "spring."
Chaitra: Hindu name means "first month of the year, spring." Variations: Chaithra.
Chun: Chinese name means "spring."
Fontanne: French name means "fountain; spring."
Fountain: French name means "a spring."
Gali: Hebrew name means "fountain, spring."
Gen: Japanese name means "spring."
Gwanwyn: Welsh name means "spring."
Haru: Japanese name means "born in the spring."
Harue: Japanese name means "spring time bay."
Haruka: Japanese name means "far, spring fragrance."
Haruko: Japanese name means "tranquil, born in spring."

Jara: Slavic name means "slavic for spring."
Kelda: Scandinavian name means "spring. fountain."
Keldan: Norse name means "from the spring."
Kell: Norse name means "from the spring."
Lavyrle: English name means "born in the spring."
Madhava: Indian name means "god of spring."
Newlin: Celtic name means "from the new spring." Variations: newlyn.
Odeletta: French name means "little spring." Variations: Odelette.
Primavera: Spanish name means "springtime."
Rabee: Muslim name means "spring."
Rabi: Muslim name means "spring."
Rabia: African name means "spring."
Rabiah: Egyptian name means "born in the spring."
Rahi: Arabic name means "spring."
Roswell: English name means "spring time of roses."
Svetlana: Slavic name means "spring."
Tooantuh: Native american name means "spring frog."
Valmai: Welsh name means "spring flower."
Vasant: Hindu name means "spring season." Variations: Vasanta, Vasanth, Vasanti.
Vemita: Latin name means "born in the spring."
Vernon: Latin name means "spring-like."
Vesna: Slavic name means "spring."
Welborn: English name means "from the spring brook." Variations: Welborne, Welburn.
Welton: English name means "from the spring farm."
Wiellaby: English name means "from the spring farm."
Wielladun: English name means "from the spring hill."
Wiellatun: English name means "from the spring farm."
Xuan: Vietnamese name means "spring."
Yayoi: Japanese name means "born in spring."
Yoluta: Native american name means "farewell-to-spring flowers."

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