Top 10 Most Popular Biblical Girl Names of 2017

Biblical baby names have been popular for a long time, the majority of historical figures in the US have had Biblical based names. If you are looking for some popular Biblical names for your baby girls, here comes the list. These names have the great meanings and they make perfect options for your pretty girls. Check out the below list and select your favorite name for your beloved girl.

Elizabeth - Meaning something like "God's oath" in Hebrew, this is actually the name of Aaron's wife in the Old Testament. But the New Testament Elizabeth is much more well known as the cousin of Mary and the mother of John the Baptist.
Maria - The name Maria is one name that is quickly becoming popular. This name means “bitter, bitterness” and comes from the same original name Mariam.
Margaret - Margaret is a cute name, it is one of those names that is gorgeous and is going to continue to be popular. It means "pearl" and is a nice solid name for your beautiful little girl.
Ruth - Another one of the names that I see on the popular baby name lists that is derived from The Bible is the name Ruth. This name means “appearance” and comes from the woman who converted to Judaism early on. It is one of the most popular choices in a name that I have ever seen. Ruth was an ancestor to King David and is someone that women have looked up to throughout the years.
Rachel - One of only two women to be a protagonist of her own book of the Bible, she was a foreigner who joined the people of Israel, and she was rewarded by God for her faithfulness with a husband and son. Her name probably means "companion" in Hebrew.
Rebecca - The name Rebecca is a name that means “engaging, captivating” and is the perfect name for your little girl.
Naomi - Ruth's mother-in-law. Her name means "pleasant" in Hebrew.
Eva - The first woman, the wife of Adam, and the mother of all humans, her name means "source of life" in Hebrew.
Sarah - The wife of Abraham, the first matriarch, and the ancestor of all Hebrews, her name means "princess" in Hebrew.
Leah - Rachel's less beautiful sister, and the neglected wife of Jacob, her name means "cow" in Hebrew. She becomes the mother of six of the tribes of Israel, including Levi, the priestly line, and Judah, the royal line.

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