20 Unique Boy Names And Girl Names That Aren't Weird

Are you looking for some untraditional baby names? Here comes our selection of 20 unique boy names and girl names that are cool and not weird or flaky. We believe you will love these perfect baby names. They are not hot in U.S. but popular in other countries or languages, you may think they are a little exotic, but they are not wacky or weird. Check out the below list and select your favorite name for your baby boy or girl.

Boy Names

Kai - The Sea.
Axel - Father of Peace.
Gideon - Destroyer.
Rex - Mighty counselor-ruler.
Kofi - Born on Friday.
Dax - Water.
Merritt - Little famous one.
Zane - Gift from God.
Joel - Jehovah is the Lord.
Phoenix - A mythical bird that rose from ashes.

Girl Names

Saffron - Yellow Flower.
Waverly - From the quaking aspen tree meadow.
Birdie - Little bird.
Maisha - Alive and well.
Clementine - Mild, merciful.
Gemma - Jewel, gem.
Luma - Sunset.
Goldie - Gilded.
Safiya - Pure.
Freya - The Norse goddess of love, beauty and fertility.

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