Tree Baby Names, Page 5

Baby NameMeaningGender
BrizaFrom Briseis The Woman Achilles Loved In Homer's Iliad.Female
BryonyThe Name Of A Flowering Vine Used In Folk Medicine.Female
BurkettFrom The Little StrongholdMale
BurleighLives At The Castle's Meadow. Fortified. See Also Berlyn.Male
CalypsoMyth Name (Daughter Of Atlas)Female
ChanNickname For John.Male
CheneyFrom The Oak WoodMale
CherriThe Fruit-Bearing Cherry Tree.Female
CherrieThe Fruit-Bearing Cherry Tree.Female
CherrillVariant Of The French Cherie Dear One: Darling. Rhyming Variant Of Names Like Meryl And Beryl: Originated Early Twentieth Century.Female
CherryThe Fruit-Bearing Cherry Tree.Female
ChiTree Branch, TwigFemale
ClematisFlower NameFemale
CobyVariant Of Coburn.Male
CocoA Pet Name.Female
CorneliusStrong Willed Or WiseMale
CynaraMyth NameFemale
Daisy"The Day's Eye."Female
DaliahTree BranchFemale
DaliyahTree BranchFemale
DaphneBay TreeFemale

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