Unique Baby Names, Page 3

Baby NameMeaningGender
FayeVariant Of Faith. Confidence: Trust: Belief.Female
FenellaOf The White ShouldersFemale
FinnianWhite Or Fair: St. Finnian Was The Patron Saint Of Monastacism.Male
ForrestFrom The WoodsMale
FosterKeeps The Forest Forest-Ranger Surname.Male
Gage"A Pledge, A Pawn"Male
GenevaOf The Race Of Women. JuniperFemale
GordonFrom The Marshes. One Of Scotland's Great Clans. Surname.Male
GraysonSon Of The ReeveMale
GwenMythical Son Of GwastadMale
HadleyFrom The Heath-Covered MeadowMale
HankNickname For Henry Rules His Household.Male
HarrisSon Of HarryMale
ImaraFemale Version Of ImreFemale
IsadoraGift Of IsisFemale
JaxMasculine Form Of The Greek Name Hyacinth Alas.Male
Jett"Excellence, Abundance, Riches."Male
JudsonSon Of PraiseMale
KaiUnisexual Name Meaning "The Sea."Female

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