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Baby NameMeaningGender
KeatonPlace Of The Hawks.Male
KeeganSmall And FieryMale
KillianStrife Or Battle Small: Fierce.Male
KiraDark Lady.Female
KofiAkan Name Common In Ghana, Meaning "Born On Friday."Male
LazarusGod Will HelpMale
LeighMeadow. Surname Or Given Name.Female
LeopoldPrince Of The PeopleMale
LizbethDevoted To GodFemale
LoretaDiminutive Of Laura Or Lora Referring To The Laurel Tree Or Sweet Bay Tree Symbolic Of Honor And Victory.Female
MagdalenWoman From Magdala. The Biblical Mary Magdalene Came From Magdala Area Near The Sea Of Galilee.Female
MarikoBall; CircleFemale
MarlaVariant Of Marlene Woman From Magdala.Female
MatteoVariant Of Matthew. Gift Of God.Male
MaverickWhen A Nineteenth-Century American Named Maverick Refused To Brand His Calves As Other Ranchers Did: His Name Came To Signify An Independent Man Who Avoids Conformity.Male

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