Unusual Baby Names, Page 10

Baby NameMeaningGender
CosimiaOf The UniverseFemale
Cosmo"Order, Universe."Male
CrannogLake DwellerMale
CrispinCurly-Haired. The 3Rd Century Martyr St. Crispin Is Known As Patron Of Shoemakers.Male
CusName Of A KingMale
CyraMyth NameFemale
DabiDearly LovedMale
DacianOf The Nobility.Male
DafyddVariant Of David. Beloved Of God.Male
DaganyahCeremonial GrainFemale
DaithiBeloved Or Quick And AgileMale
DalitDrawing WaterFemale
DamitaLittle NobleFemale
DantinaFeminine Variant Of Daniel God Will Judge.Female
DantrellVariant Of Daniel God Is My Judge.Male
DaphneBay TreeFemale
DardanusMyth Name (Founder Of Troy)Male

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